The Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls

MysticSkulls is a unique nft project on SecretNetwork. Owning a skull gives access to an interactive on-chain experience. Due to SecretNetworks privacy preserving features the collection rewards and fosters exploration and community.
  • Reveal hidden attributes of your skull, embedded into the private metadata at mint
  • Harvest resources to research potions, which will alter the fabric of your skulls
  • Master the art of alchemy and bend the appearance of your skull to your liking

Join the Secret Order to discover the secrets of the afterlife.

See your skulls in the laboratory!


Chapter 1: Rise of the Mystic Skulls

10k MysticSkulls can be unearthed on Secret Network. Each Skull is unique and generated during mint time, as well as fully encoded on chain. Initially the aspects of each skull are hidden to our eyes and have to be revealed using alchemic potions.
  • Each explorer can decide where to unearth skulls, giving it different attributes
  • Skulls can be sold on Stashh as a secondary market
  • Choose wisely: You can reveal a skull to hunt for rare traits or sell it before fully exposing its aspects

Chapter 2: Eternal Alchemy (soon)

As soon as the alchemic equipment is restored you can start brewing more complex Restorative Identity Potions (RIP Tokens). Combining those potions and using them on MysticSkulls will alter their traits in unpredictable ways (Some researchers postulated that there are patterns and even recipes but those have to be madmen, right?).

Chapter 3: The Bridge Beyond

The last frontier has fallen! 10k DepartedPunks appear on Ethereum and can make the trip over to SecretNetwork to face their afterlife. At the same time a mysterious portal manifests that might provide a way out of the everchanging afterlife on Secret for the MysticSkulls.